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After her stay in the U.S., Engelmann worked as a teacher (Studienrat) for 12 years until she became the director of a secondary school and in 1928 worked as the director of the the Viktoria-Oberlyzeum, the first all-girls school in Berlin to offer the Abitur, the examination that marks the end of pre-college education.[3] Engelmann was an important pedagogue during the Weimar Republic working in the field of female education. She published numerous scientific works on this subject[4] and throughout her life worked in teaching or researching education and educational systems.

After the Nazi Party came to power in Germany in 1933, teachers who had a Jewish background, as Engelmann did, were increasingly put under pressure and eventually left the profession. After Engelmann was forced to retire, she contacted Esther Brunauer at the AAUW in Washington.[5] While exploring the possibility of emigration, Engelmann worked as a private teacher of literature, psychology and pedagogy. She was unhappy with the way her career was going but did not want to emigrate without first securing a university position.[6] Unlike most other people who were forced out of her jobs, Engelmann received a small pension, and she lived with her mother, Martha Engelmann, who depended on her income.[7] Beginning in 1935, Engelmann headed the department of adult education at the Berliner Paulus-Bund, a position for which she qualified based on her status as a Protestant and a member of the Confessing Church headed by Martin Niemöller in Berlin.[8] In 1937 she was removed from the post upon the implementation of the Nuremberg Laws. Engelmann then intensified her efforts to emigrate, especially in her correspondence with the AAUW.[9] Her brother helped Engelmann and their mother to flee Germany and join him in Turkey, where he worked for the Turkish Ministry of Economics. Engelmann lived in Istanbul and worked for the American Social Service Center, where she taught educational psychology.[10]

Her mother in June 1940 and Engelmann traveled through Russia, Siberia, Manchuria, and Japan, reaching the U.S. in 1941. She entered the academic field through the help of the AAUW, which placed her as a Refugee Scholar at Wilson College in Pennsylvania for the academic year 1942-43.[11] She held several academic posts over the next several years and in 1947 held her first professorship at the Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she worked until her retirement in 1952.[12] Engelmann became an American citizen in 1948. In 1952, she returned to Berlin and received financial compensation for the pension due her but unpaid following her forced retirement in 1933.[13] Some believe her ties to the congregation in Dahlem also led her to return.[14] Another possible attraction was the reconstruction of the German education system. Her later publications were increasingly concerned with the German education system of the 1930s and especially the methods of indoctrination endorsed by the National Socialists.[15]




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Name Engelmann, Suzanne Charlotte
Alternative names
Short description German academic
Date of birth 26 September 1886
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